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How to submit - Quick Start Guide

How to Submit

Longer, more boring but ultimately more detailed.

For more detailed information, please read all this (I know there's quite a lot of it but ...)
Any questions or queries at all, please get in touch at admin@citizenart.com

So, you're thinking of submitting your work to us ( this is the one of the most important things.) DO IT NOW (or don't forget to do it.) Put it on your list. Once we have some of your files, that's all you have to do. We know from experience that the more we ask you to do, the less likely you are to do it. (it's just human nature) This is a great chance to finally show off your work and make some money from it. Don't let it slide.
GET YOUR IMAGES TO US NOW AND THAT'S IT (for now :wink: ) Easy :D

The info below is a bit random but I've written it as it's popped into my head. I think I've covered most stuff.

admin@citizenart.com (please don't send any artwork files by e-mail though. You'll break the internet)

What we need you to do is upload the files either to your own space or via this type of site >> www.megaupload.com or www.senduit.com (or something similar - just Goggle 'free file upload no register') We are working on our own upload facility but it means greasing the wheels a little to make uploads as zippy as downloads.
Once uploaded, please send me a link so we can download it.(either email it to us or paste a link into the forum)
The other way is to burn as many images as you like to a disk (CD / DVD) and post it to me. E-mail me if you want to physically post a CD or DVD.
If any of this (above or below) cause you problems, please let us know and we'll try and help.

Just for you info, I've checked out a few upload sites, as well as my FTP and upload speeds are all around 25kbs.
This means that, for example, a 50Mb file will take around 30mins to upload. Just so you're aware of what we're talking about.

All image files to be 300dpi, RGB at A4 size (210mm x 297mm = approx 8.3" x 11.7")

Best format is PDF - high quality print [u]without[/u] fast web viewing or Photoshop editing (if from Photoshop). Should be around 10 to 20 Mb MAX. If it's a lot more than this (over 50Mb) then something is not set right. Please check.

Can also be uncompressed jpeg although this won't be quite as sharp at PDF. With photos, this is still a good option and for non vector work, it can actually produce quite nice ''grain' to the image.

If you need to send in any other format, please let us know and we'll sort something out as we know not everyone has access to PDF writing software or file uploading..

Just as a quick guide / example, here is the same file saved in different formats:
bmp - 25,488kb
jpg - 6,641kb
pdf - 10,295kb
png - 12,616kb
pds - 25,342kb (flat)
tif - 25,776kb

So you can hopefully see the advantage of PDFs (for us too - we have to store all these on our HD)

Images can be Portrait or Landscape. (or diagonal if you like!)
Images can be of whatever you like; illustrations, photos, montages, vector work, scanned natural media. If you can send it (as detailed above) we can print it.

The quality / subject matter of images are your responsibility.
By this i mean:
1. Check your artwork before you send it. Make sure it's exactly how you want it (don't forget to include your name / web address / copyright) We can't update files afterwards if you discover something awful after you send so it would be easier if it's sorted first. We also can't spend time altering files that don't conform to the size / type above. Check before you send please.
2. Make sure you have permission to use all content in your images (ie. don't breach anyone else's trademarks or copyrights - you are responsible for this)
3. Please don't send anything that will obviously offend. If there's any doubt, We'll contact you but we obviously reserve the right to refuse any piece or remove anything deemed offensive or inappropriate

There is no need for bleeds or trim / crop marks.
All images are printed 'as is' on A2 cut sheets and will have approx 3mm white borders. This also applies to A3 prints.

* IMPORTANT * Please include a copyright with your name and/ or website somewhere on all pieces.

You can send as many images as you like (but don't go nuts) More images can be added as and when you wish.

Please name files (all in lower case if possible with no spaces) yourname_imagetitle.pdf
The image title can obviously be whatever you wish but please make 'yourname' the same for each and every piece, for the sake of our filing system (yourname doesn't have to be your real name; maybe your user ID or nickname. Just as long as it's the same throughout.)

These files will only be stored, by us at Citizen Art, for use in printing. No one else will have access to them .... ever.
However, a thumbnail and web sized image (approx 400px x 600px or thereabouts) will be produced from it.

We also sell your prints through means other than this site. Direct selling, advertising etc. We just need you to understand that, when you upload images, you agree to this as it's all part of the same process and are happy with it. If not, please don't submit your work.

However, your images will never be used for anything other than for selling single prints at the prices specified. If anything else arises (ie. someone is very interested in your artwork) you will be notified and can deal with it directly (for a % cut of course ; ) Lol

You can opt out at any time you wish. Your files will be deleted and your detail removed from the site. However, you would need to allow a reasonable timescale for total removal (it might take a day or two to delete all references from the site)
The opposite is also true. Once you submit something, it might take a short time for the site to be updated.

All print prices will be the same for everybody, for every image. If you think this will undervalue your work then this probably isn't for you.

We are working on the site as we speak and are hoping to have a 'new submissions' section as well as a 'top sellers' or 'most voted' section

I've currently set this to two prices for two sizes ( only one file is still required though.)
These prices might be subject to change but you will be notified or any such changes. At the end of the day, after we have your artwork, it's just us here and we are but mortal (more or less ; )

We need your name, address, an e-mail and preferably a phone number where we can get hold of you. This will always be just for our use and nothing will ever be passed on to anyone else. The e-mail is our method of choice (in addition to OUR FORUM but we'd like a more direct method in case of emergencies or any other situation that might arise that we can't think off right now. I'll understand if you'd rather not supply this but it would help me : )

You need to specify how you'd like to be paid.
There are two options:
1. Paypal - in which case we need to know the e-mail registered to your PP account.
2. A cheque - to be sent to you via the post.

Payment can either be sent after every sale or (if you artwork is very popular ... or you don't mind waiting ; ) at a set, monthly interval.

Most importantly, please promote Citizen Art, link to it, tell everyone you know, mention it on all the forums you visit, put up a big sign in your garden, stop complete strangers in the street, shout about it in the pub. Be loud and proud ; ) It's great to get loads of submissions but without any customers it's just a gallery site : )
...please treat Citizen Art as your own shop; we'll take care of the rest but we need your help too. Without everyone's participation and self promotion, it won't do as well as it could.

Finally, you can still promote your prints. Once we have you artwork, if you sell anything, just send us details of the potential buyer or direct them to us here or via this e-mail >> admin@citizenart.com . Once payment is received, We'll send the print off. Can't get much easier than that.

What's New?

Well, this site is for a start.

The idea of Citizen Art is to give artist an opportunity to show off work which might otherwise languish on their hard drives for ever more. I know I've had personal pieces which have sat, unseen by anyone but me for years.

Citizen Art is also a great opportunity for you to be able to purchase affordable prints of these unique pieces of fantastic work by many unique artists. You will not find the majority of the superb images featured anywhere but here.

We've tried to keep everything simple; every image is sold at the same prices & sizes as every other image. And that's it! ... apart for the fact that these prices include postage & packing too; everything. Can't get much more simple than that!

So browse through the images featured here and take your pick. There are 'buy print' buttons on every image (just click it to open) Your keyboard arrow keys will select the next or previous image.

More images are being added on a regular basis so please bookmark up and check back soon.

Artist Submit

Would you like to submit your own artwork? If you do, take a look HERE or click the 'submit your art' link at the top of the page. Submissions are open to any creative who can submit an A4, 300dpi PDF of their work, wherever you are in the world; Paintings, Photos, Digital Art or Illustration & 3D renders; whatever you want, we can feature it.

All sales of your work will earn you money. So, what are you waiting for?? Join NOW!