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asp and that

Post by Simon » May 24th, 2007, 2:39 pm

Hi guys, I have been given a two week test (job) by a company for a job with them, and they mainly use asp(yuk) and that, I can use any language php etc but they have hinted for asp asp and this would clinch it when comparing to others?

so I use a linux server (i think) to host stuff etc on my hosting, question is can I still run .asp websites on these or do I need to obtain its own hosting, window server ect??

If so anyone know of really cheap windows server hosting as the project will only be tiny and don't want to buy a years worth probably

Also any good books on the asp or asp .net simple programming will scour amazon in a min but suggestions would be nice, not used it for 2 years so I forgot everything.

As well, they use SQL server db(something like that) along with access, I use mySQl etc so any ideas on the difference(s) etc and that ?

Also any good online pdf docs etc
thanks si
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