Wrap Text around a Custom Shape in Photoshop

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Wrap Text around a Custom Shape in Photoshop

Post by morphim » November 30th, 2007, 12:13 pm

I've just read this advice on 'another' :wink: forum and it's so good (to me at least) that I'm going to paste it here, so everyone can benifit from it but also so I don't lose it.
It's a helpful tip but it's also well written; thorough but to the point.
djbowen wrote:Actually, you can get a pretty good text wrap effect by doing the following...

1. Place the image you want into your composition.
2. Go to the Paths Pallete
**Note - You can open the paths pallet by going to Windows - Paths**
3. Create a Path layer
4. Use the Pen Tool (Default keyboard shortcut Key: P)
5. Draw a closed box where you would like the text to go
**Note - Do not draw a simple box around the image, for example...If you want the text to wrap below and to the right of a round image you would draw a box that looks like a bite was taken out of the top left hand corner. You are basically telling the text where it can and cannot go.**
6. Use the text tool (Default Keyboard Shortcut Key: T)
7. Click inside of the closed path
8. Type your copy into the box

Again, by using the Pentool (P) you are seting the boundries for the text itself. You can change the font, size, justification and everything within the confines of that shape. You can also use the Path selection tools to change the path after text is already inside of it.
Great. However, again for me at least, the addition below is easier >>
source wrote:As an alternative to pen tool you can also make regular selections then > right click/Make work path. (subtract your wrap object selection from a rectangle selection for body text for example).

I like that :D
It's always a sunny day above the clouds : )

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