Photoshop stuff i didn't know

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Photoshop stuff i didn't know

Post by morphim » November 21st, 2007, 11:57 am

Now you all might know this stuff but I didn't so, if one thing here enlightens just one person, I'll be happy :D

1. In any CS version, if you hover just to the left of pretty much any input field (opacity, brush size, transforms) , a little hand with a double arrow appears, allowing you to drag the amount up or down. Hold down shift to make it go in bigger jumps.

2. Some layer styles (drop / inner shadow) can be dragged directly from your image, rather than in the styles dialogue.

3. Hold down 'shift' when creating a type layer ignores all other type layers (so you don't keep selecting an existing type layer)

4. If you 'stroke' a layer, the corners look rounded by default (outside) Change the stroke to 'inside' for nice, sharp corners.

5. Press shift whilst creating a new layer and it will appear below the current layer (as opposed to above, which is the default)

6.Holding shift, alt & ctrl (not sure of the similar Mac keys) and 'e' will merge layers to a single, new layer. I find this really helpful.

7. If you crop outside of your visable image area, you can quickly increase your canvas size. (drag the outside border or your image window until you have a grey surround, crop into this space and your canvas is enlarged. The new area will be same colour as current BG colour)

8. These bracket keys (the square ones to the right of the 'p' key) [ or ] will decrease / increase (in that order) the size of brushes whilst you're working. Darn handy.

That will do for now. Fanks :D
It's always a sunny day above the clouds : )

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